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EcoSmart T-Shirts

Hanes makes a good alternative t-shirt called EcoSmart that is not much more expensive than a regular t-shirt. “Made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.”

EcoSmart Sweatshirts

Hanes also produces a line of sweatshirt that comes in crewneck, hood and full zip hood.  

Organic Everything

For more of an impact, we carry a brand called Econscious that makes a full line of products from hats, bags and apparel. However these items are significantly more expensive than the Hanes option.

Shipping Boxes

Additionally, we reuse the boxes that apparel arrives to us from distributors. We repack the same boxes to ship the goods to our customers. 

Everything Else

We have access to thousands of other products including a variety of reusable straws and many items made with a various eco friendly processes such as recycled cardboard & bottles and organic. Some items use eco friendly materials such as wheat straw and bamboo in their construction.